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                                                                                                                     Hebrews 13:2 KJV      
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Singing Animals At-A-Glance

Chantilly Lane Collectible Line

Head says and mouth moves in sync with the music as the sing or recite their favorite songs.

Here comes the Singing Animals At-A-Glance

Just a sample of Animals Available, there are many more available in the categories of animals!

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Alligators  Alligator G1190       Bumble Bee G0659    Ladybug (BUG) Ladybug G1259  Caterpillar G1260  Singing Caterpillar Side View G1260ws   Bunnies Bunnies G3021     Cats and Kittens  Kittens G0676   Cows   G1090    Dianosaurs   Dinosaurs G0697B   
 Dogs and Puppies  Puppy G1174   Ducks Yellow Duck G3066   Elephants Coming Soon!  Foxes Foxes G0664    Frogs Frog G1091   Hippopotamus   Hippopotamus G0665    Koala Bears  Koala Bear G8116    Lions Lion G0671  Monkeys Monkey G0694    Owls Owl G0330   Penguins Peppermint Penguin Gll5006  Panda Bears  Rolly Poly Panda Bear G0662   Pigs  Hamlet the Pig G1099    Tigers  Coming Soon!   Turtles  Turtle G0662    

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