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                                                                                                                     Hebrews 13:2 KJV      
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 Animated and Singing Bears At-A-Glance
Chantilly Lane Collectible Line
Head sways and mouth moves in sync with the music as they sing or recite their favorite songs or sayings.

Here Comes the Singing Bears At-A-Glance  Music Notes

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Just a sample of Singing Bears Available and Many More!

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Anniversary Anniversary: Tuxedo Teddy G0674   Baby  Baby: Rocking Horse Hush A Bye G1009   Birthday Birthday: Cupcake Birthday Ber G1053   Everyday  Everyday: Kay G1093   Retirement  Retirement: Senior Moments Gals G1154   Wedding  Wedding; Bride and Groom Duet G1013  Seasonal  Seasonal: Crystal G1121   Inspirational  Inspirational: Hope Bear G1189   Collector's  Collector's: Betty Boop TM and Pudgey   Military  Military: American Heoros Marine Bear G1925   Costumes  Costumes: Singin' Blingin' Happy Hats   Professional/Occupational  Proffessional - Occupation: Police Officer G1126   AND MANY MORE!
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